Environmental Communication

Toshiba Memory Corporation's flagship factory, Yokkaichi Operations, is responsible for social contribution activities and its environmental measures. Currently, activities as outlined below include employees and resident suppliers. One of the employees' favorite event is the "charity eco bazaar". Goods are donated to the bazaar that can be recycled and all proceeds are donated to the tree planting fund in Yokkaichi City. When these donations reached a preset target, we were awarded the "testimonial for persons of merit in tree planting in cities" award. As many employees at Yokkaichi Operations are from Oita Prefecture, we donated profits from the bazaar in June 2016 to victims of the Kumamoto earthquakes.

In future, we will continue to promote environmental activities that contribute to the world, and raise a sense of belonging by employees as well as increase environmental awareness.

Environmental Communication
Charity Eco Bazaar Charity Eco Bazaar
Tree planting testimonial Tree planting testimonial
Kumamoto earthquake victims donation Kumamoto earthquake victims donation

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